SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It goes without saying that Robin Williams was considered a comic genius. What a lot of people may not know is that in the years he lived in the Bay Area, he would often perform at comedy clubs or at local festivals, supporting young and up-and-coming comedians.

Now, an annual celebration of comedy held each year in San Francisco will be dedicated to his memory.

Williams was a regular at San Francisco Comedy Day, held in Golden Gate Park. It’s a celebration of comedy, as comedians take part in a free outdoor performance, giving them a way to say thank you to their fans.

Debi Durst was a longtime friend of Robin Williams and is part of the Board of Directors for San Francisco Comedy Day.

“He was always there for Comedy Day. He loved coming and hanging out,” she said. “It’s basically our company picnic. It’s a chance for all the comedians to get together backstage and hang out in broad daylight.”

This year’s Comedy Day will be held on September 14 and Durst said it will be a tribute to Williams. “Definitely the day is going to be dedicated to him.”

Durst said whenever he wasn’t shooting a film, Williams would appear on stage at the event, and the crowds would go wild. “There is no way to describe the electricity that you just feel coming from the crowd,” she said.

Durst said Williams would never want a solemn tribute, since the day is all about comedy. She said they have not figured out exactly how they will honor Williams at this year’s Comedy Day, but those in attendance will likely see his picture on passes for the event.