OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Has King James been dethroned? Stephen Curry can now make a claim to being the most popular player in the NBA. Don’t believe he’s more loved than LeBron? Check out these developments:

  • Curry just won the ultimate popularity contest: edging out James in the final NBA All-Star vote count. Curry trailed the 4-time MVP for much of the voting, but overtook his highness 1,513,324 to 1,470,483 at the final tally Thursday. What’s even more impressive? Curry did it in the Western Conference, competing against Kobe, James Harden, Chris Paul and Russell Westrbook. Lebron just had to beat out some of his former teammates, and whoever is left on the Knicks.
  • Curry trailed LeBron in jersey sales in the latest numbers, but James got a boost by returning to his hometown. After that initial enthusiasm dies off, Steph – who’s currently second after climbing five spots this season – could swoop on that title next year.
  • People spend their free time editing highlight reels of his accomplishments, seriously, a lot of them.
  • Even the The Wall Street Journal is trying to replicate his sweet shot. Guess what, they can’t.
  • Steph just got his second ESPN add, where even the cafeteria workers know what’s up, kind of:

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