BERKELEY (CBS SF) – A couple found dead in their Berkeley home under mysterious circumstances earlier this week was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, a law enforcement source told KPIX 5 Friday.

35-year-old Roger Morash and 32-year-old Valerie Morash were found dead Monday afternoon in a fourplex on Deakin Street in Berkeley where they had lived for several years.

The source said that the couple was using a laser 3-D printer that was venting into their residence. Symptoms and signs consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning were found in their bodies.

Police evacuated the apartment building and called in PG&E and the fire department’s hazardous materials team to look for a gas leak or some other hazard but no contaminant was found.

Their two cats were also found dead. The couple was identified by authorities Tuesday.

Roger was a game developer working on an adventure game called Shard. Valerie was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco.

They both attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A memorial service is planned for 6 p.m. night at the Ed Roberts Campus on Adeline Street in Berkeley.

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Comments (26)
  1. This is very unfortunate.. 🙁

    But please correct the mistakes in this report.. a 3D laser is not a 3D printer at all.. A 3D laser is a laser.. a 3D printer is a 3D printer.. inaccurate information like this REALLY gives people the wrong idea about 3D printers.

    1. Pat McDonald says:

      The “Glowforge” laser cutter/engraver was marketed as a “laser 3D printer”. Also, laser sinter style printers can emit fumes, especially if people experiment with uncalcined powders. I hope lessons are learned from this, but I agree, the story does give wrong impression about the vast majority of 3D printers, which very rarely combust and produce toxic fumes.

      1. Sam Birch says:

        It wasn’t a Glowforge, according to the CEO. CBS must have just seen “3D laser printers” elsewhere in the press lately and decided it sounded good. See

  2. Greg Gadfly says:

    Where there Morash’s under a Department of Justice investigation?

    Corrupt FBI and DEA agents had been using warrants obtained with falsified evidence to enter homes of suspects, steal and punish those that complain about the stealing.

    On one such entry into my home, someone poured radiator fluid into an open container of orange juice. I can not leave any partially used container of food or drink items in my home because after leaving for several hours and returning they often have some sort of strange chemical taste.

    Another time someone entered my home and loosened a gas fitting to my furnace. Filled my garage with gas fumes.

    And another time, after my carbon monoxide detectors kept going off, someone had moved the plenum above the gas water heater over not allowing the carbon monoxide to vent out.

    Then my dog was poisoned to death. He suffered terribly. The corrupt agents would taunt me claiming I killed my own dog when I criticized the Department of Justice for stealing from suspects.

    I ruined their lucrative theft ring. I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain about FBI and DEA agents fabricating evidence and stealing from me.

    FBI and DEA employees have been embezzling money, jewelry, clothing, car parts and other expensive goods from their suspects. Each year they steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from suspects and their relatives who have nothing to do with the supposed crime that their suspects are accused of committing.

  3. According to the top comment on the HN thread ( this is all speculation – and probably WRONG. Quote:

    > allenrabinovich

    Hi folks. Val and Roger were dear friends, and I am on the ground here, and I’d like to respectfully ask that you refrain from speculation. The press is rushing to print sensational items, and they don’t know the actual facts.

    I’ve been talking to the police directly, and nothing is conclusive yet. Nothing has actually been ruled out, nor determined to be the cause. They don’t even have full toxicology reports yet, those take days and sometimes weeks.

    On a personal note, I can tell you that there were two devices in the house, a small 3D printer, and a small laser cutter, that were used for building models and rigs for scientific research. Val was an immaculate engineer, and conformed to all safety rules in operating these machines. **To the best of our knowledge, neither of the machines were operating the night they passed away.**

    Again, please refrain from fear-mongering and speculation. I know it’s natural for engineers to attack unsolved problems, but you are not working with correct or full data. Once more data is available, we will write up a complete and truthful statement to try and provide closure on this issue.

  4. Soren Beiler says:

    This is news at it’s worst, no fact checking, written by a individual who does not understand technology.

    Please retract, rewrite, and get your facts before you print.