(CBS SF) — Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of juveniles stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said.

The incident happened at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Coliseum Station in Oakland aboard a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train.

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BART Police said witnesses reported 50 to 60 juveniles jumping the fare gates and going to the platform. After boarding the train, the juveniles “committed multiple strongarm robberies of bags and cell phones,” according to a police report.

At least two people were hurt and were treated by paramedics for facial and head injuries.

BART said there had been similar robberies on trains in the days prior to this incident with juveniles running onto trains and quickly fleeing, but not with as many people as in Saturday’s robbery.

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BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said there were a total of seven robberies on the train. “We had one purse, one duffel bag and five cellphones stolen,” said Trost. “No weapons were reported.”

The teens all fled into the surrounding neighborhood near the Coliseum before any officers could arrive, police said.

The agency was in the process of gathering security camera footage of the suspects, but will not release it to the public as the suspects are all juveniles. “We are basically getting all the surveillance images that we have, and we’re going to be sharing them with Oakland Police, the schools, Oakland Housing Authority to try to identify the suspects,” said Trost.

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Last week, BART announced the hiring of new Police Chief Carlos Rojas, who is looking to increase the number of police officers on trains and in stations.

The agency is also in the process of replacing decoy cameras on trains with real ones after a 19-year-old was shot and killed aboard a train at the West Oakland station with no video evidence.


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  1. Is this story true? Sounds fishy … 60 kids get on a train, rob passengers, and 15 minutes later passengers are on their way home. None of those passengers fought back? Held on tight to their phone? No video? Something is off.

    1. The people robbed were white..The robbers were black..When do middle age whites fight young blacks..NEVER!!

      1. There is a reason why I ALWAYS carry a hollow point surprise!

      2. deguello13 says:

        There is a neologism to describe the perps β€” “ROBNYS” (ROving Bands of Negro YouthS).

    2. Another article states people had head injuries. So they Neegan-ed them.

    3. Yeah, even though I’m white and 76, I’d gladly knock three or four of those thugs out before the rest swarmed me and killed me. Do you really think ANY white American wants to die for ANY African terrorist? Think it through, Dummkopf!

    4. You voted for the California you deserve. The Berkeley Police dept had orders to stand down and let the masked rioters tear up the place with impunity and made one arrest.

      Lawlessness and mayhem has come to a sanctuary city near you.

      Rehgarding shooting. I don’t think I would have shot on a crowded train with no escape routes for the perps. You don’t want to corner hungry rats.

      1. Not necessarily, the π•π¨π­πžπ« π’π¨πŸπ­π°πšπ«πž 𝐑𝐒𝐠𝐠𝐒𝐧𝐠 π‚π¨π¦π¦π’π­π­πžπž ALWAYS determines who wins. Even the dems don’t like Pelosi, Feinstein 𝑒𝑑 π‘Žπ‘™., but they’ve got lots of cash to have the machines rigged! Trump got em’ by surprise when everyone sneaked out of the woodwork!!

    5. Cali Native says:

      I guarantee you this is true. I live in the bay area and avoid B.A.R.T at all costs because the gangs in the bay area have taken over and the police departments do NOTHING.

    6. Jolly Roger says:

      You are dealing with unarmed helpless hapless leftist California sheep who choose to be that way. No surprise.

    7. Anyone else see the painfully obvious fact that the article didnt describe the youths?

      Soooooo we all know why they wont describe the suspects…..right?

      1. upchuckliberals says:

        It’s obvious they were White Christians wearing Trump shirts and MAGA caps. /s Aren’t we lucky we have a State Gov. that protects the thugs at the expense of our Constitutional Right to Bear Arm. I’m sure that the idiot Kevin Leon will propose yet another stupid law to protect the thugs.

    8. Phil Davison says:

      Your kidding. Moonbeam Brown doesn’t allow guns. (just for badguys)

    9. I just finished reading the book “White Girl Bleed Alot” which reports the racial violence of young black thugs systematically attacking innocent white people, asian people and gays. This has been a regular occurrence throughout the country (Baltimore, Des Moines, MEinnesota, etc.) for the past eight years. The attacks are not recorded by local police departments since they rarely make arrests (hence, it results in lower crime statistics) and the local papers go to great lengths to describe the roving black mobs as a “group of teens or youths”. This activity is also called Polar Bear Hunting and “The Knock-out Game”. So many of the victims never even report their assaults. In Seattle, it happend to a young man named Thai. He did his own survey in his neighborhood and knocked on 43 doors. 32 of his neighbors were home and 29 reported being assaulted in a similar manner. But the local authorities continue to insists these roving packs of animals terrorizing the neighborhood do not exist. Lastly, public transportation is a favorite venue for these marauders. Please spread the word so your friends and neighbors can be more aware. These are NOT isolated incidents.

    10. Read “White Girl Bleed Alot”. Black gangs have been terrorizing innocent whites, asians and gays for the past 8 years throughout the country and the local police and newspaper editors relentlessly deny it.

    11. I agree with your comment. there has to be some type of security camera that recorded some of this alleged criminal actions. Odd no one fought back….always be armed….

    12. Max Taffey says:

      Really Shelly? 50 or 60 teens swarm a car of 15 people and you think they’re gonna fight back or take videos of them? You think you would? You’d be in the hospital right now.

  2. How come no mention of what the teens looked like?

    1. They were all white kids wearing penny loafers, pocket protectors, and sweaters tied around their necks.

  3. I never see BART cops on any trains. Where are they?

    1. When seconds counts, the cops are only minutes away !
      I carry a concealed weapon because a cop is too heavy !

  4. Ah, a return to the Jessie James gang days when raiders jump on trains and commit robberies and escape into the countryside unimpeded. Oakland trains are probably a gun free zone so passengers were robbed without any hope of rescue.

      1. Phil Davison says:

        That’s because the good guys carried.

      2. I would have killed all of them.

  5. “dozens of juveniles”…”50 to 60 juveniles”…”The teens”

    Another classic examples of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    β€œThe most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    β€œOur job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    β€œWe are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

  6. Donald Chase says:

    Sounds like a wonderful area to visit. Glad to see such promise in the youth of one of Liberalism’s biggest failures.

  7. Gotta be white kids…When they dont mention race..its always white kids..Especially groups..Always white kids!!

  8. James Ridge says:

    Has anybody consulted Jane Goodall for some insight on this behavior?

  9. Joe Allen says:

    I see St. Louis Metrolink isn’t the only system with these issues. Curious, one problem with STL is no turnstiles and too many riding for free. Is that also an issue with BART?

  10. More people should be carrying.

  11. “Teens” and “juveniles”… code words for non-whites. In the rare instances when a Caucasian minor commits a crime, his/her race is prominently featured in the headline, but when it’s blacks or hispanics, they are just “teens” and “juveniles.”

  12. David Teer says:

    It is okay everyone. People being robbed and beaten is perfectly fine as long as Oakland remains a sanctuary city .

  13. We need more opportunities for these young folks!

  14. Another website. linked from drudge says, “security video can’t be released because the culprits appear to be minor”. HA! We all know it’s because they’re black

    1. And that one has the comments turned off for that article…I wonder why?

  15. Try that where I live and there will be some feral apes running around with a canoe head from a .45 or 30.06.

  16. Sounds like one of those times where one extra magazine might not have been enough. But I do not see me traveling through that ghetto anytime.

  17. I am now going to re-write this article with the actual facts in place:

    (CBS SF) β€” Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of BLACKS stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said.

    The incident happened at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Coliseum Station in Oakland aboard a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train.

    BART Police said witnesses reported 50 to 60 BLACKS jumping the fare gates and going to the platform. After boarding the train the They boarded the train they β€œcommitted multiple strongarm robberies of bags and cell phones,” according to a police report.

    At least two people were hurt and were treated by paramedics for facial and head injuries.

    The BLACKS all fled into the surrounding neighborhood near the Coliseum before any officers could arrive, police said.

    Last week, BART announced the hiring of new Police Chief Carlos Rojas, who is looking to increase the number of police officers on trains and in stations.

    The agency is also in the process of replacing decoy cameras on trains with real ones after a 19-year-old was shot and killed aboard a train at the West Oakland station with no video evidence.

    That is what honest reporting looks like. Now, I know journalist integrity and honest reporting is a foreign concept to you liberals, but your distorted view of the world is helping no one.

  18. Jay Lewis says:

    Every city with rail transportation has the same thing happening. Once the train is filled with whites from the outer suburbs the train has three stops in the city slums before reaching Downtown.

    1. The same thing happens in Baltimore. The white people coming in from the suburbs on MARC are paraded through the nasty, thug ridden area of Baltimore. Demographics of inner city Balto means that the thugs are of a certain color. You can get pulled off the transit, kicked and beaten to the point you lose an eye. You can be walking around Inner Harbor and the thugs attack.

      Sorry but demographics don’t consider how the poor dears had a bad upbringing…it is what it is and far too often the mobs are not white.

      1. I’ve been blessed in not having to go through hurdles of black thuggery to get to work. From this prospective I’m in shock, awe and utter surprise that blacks like these weren’t blasted off the planet by a scared Little Ol’ Lady from Pasadena carrying a .38! Allot of people say they’d shoot these apes, but for years… ages nobody ends up shot to death! Finally it’s a little disappointing to discover there’s more than 50 (50-60) gorillas involved as a box of ammo contains 50 bullets, requiring the defender to buy (2 boxes) a hundred rounds for this purpose.

  19. Do you think any Negroes were involved in the violence against Caucasians?

    1. upchuckliberals says:

      Here in Kommieforniastan we have a word for law abiding citizens…targets. Tell me again why we can’t CC and can’t have more than a lousy 10 round mag. A few dead pavement apes might slow them down. It’s always fun to listen to the grieving baby mommas telling how Jamile was just on his way to choir practice and hadn’t done anything wrong since the last time he got out of prison..yesterday. But on the bright side, there was no ‘cultural appropriation’. What sane person would want to emulate them?

  20. more fake news what they did not say was the polices paid for by george soros agenture of the Illuminati were the real actors in this stages scripted theater !

    your so ajajajajajajajjajajajajajaj

  21. So comforting to know that the SF Chronicle is in bed with the African hoodlum element as displayed by their publishing of the fact that most of the BART security cameras were dummies. The international PTB who are intent on fomenting a race war in the USA are hard at work these days, and now you all know that the Chron is a member in good standing of that globalist, fascist cabal. Boycotting the Chron would be a good place to start your fight against this outrage.

  22. Daniel Carr says:

    Concealed carry will stop this. I never leave the home without a high capacity pistol with an extra magazine.

  23. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Kalifornia – Why are you people offended? You’ve little to justify your rage or surprise. You allow for virtually anything, enforce nothing, and stand for nothing. Therefore, when this type of behavior is commonplace; you are really only getting what you expect.

  24. When these animals are found, I hope they’re swiftly executed. We won’t miss them and it will send the right signal to the rest.

    Now, I don’t expect that to happen, but it is what should happen.

    1. Once the race war starts, the Africans will starting disappearing, most of them from a 300 yard shot. Anyone who gets in our way will get the same (military, cops, illegals, Islamics).

  25. Robb Cochran says:

    Very disturbing, no mention in the article of how Trump and/or the Russians were responsible.

  26. Alan Smithee says:

    One person with carry conceal and this wouldn’t be a problem.

  27. We need to lower the price of Heroin and improve its quality.

  28. Todd Thomas says:

    More of Barry O’s unlicensed redistribution agents…

  29. Mike Arvand says:

    “teen mob” Once again. Doesn’t matter if the media won’t write “black.” Everyone already knew.

  30. Ricky Pucheu says:

    This is why I love my states gun laws. Legal concealed carry with no permit and stand your ground. If that happened here it would only happen once and some thugs would be leaving the train in body bags.

  31. Ted Bell says:

    Do that in a concealed carry state. LOL!
    There would be a bunch of dead animals to clean up.

  32. Jerry Walton says:

    Must be those darn Amish kids again. Right?

  33. Noah Kleugh says:

    I though that Train Robbery was a hanging offense.

  34. We know the race of the criminals, we knew it the moment the story broke. We also know they are from the least intelligent race in the world.

  35. Installed fake cameras on the train, that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Everyone on that train should sue BART for providing a false sense of security. Shame on BART for going cheap at the expense of paying riders.

    1. Everyone should sue the federal government for not deporting the obsolete farm equipment after the war of northern aggressive.

  36. Those darn suburban white kids are at it again, I see.

  37. Anybody remember Bernhard Goetz ?

    1. Yes! If there were more Bernards’ we wouldn’t need to buy two or more boxes of ammo to exterminate the apes. Just one loaded gun for protection… not a huge magazine that Pelosi and Feinstein took away!!

  38. Brian Martin says:

    Sorry, San Francisco is a crime-ridden cesspool. I went there one time with my wife – was robbed within 2 hours in broad daylight. No thanks. Shove that sanctuary city right up your a$$.

    When citizens tolerate lawlessness and the politicians don’t give a damn about public safety, why should the police bother doing anything? The city is a dump… full of morons and self-important a-holes. So… you get what you deserve.

  39. RC Tod says:

    Why is everyone complaining or concerned? This is California, you all voted for this. Now you have it. Whats your problem?

  40. Frank Davis says:

    Even if they are caught, SF is a sanctuary city that will protect them.

  41. Lincoln is burning hell for freeing these savages.

  42. Joseph Lucas says:

    If Barack Obama had a son, he would have looked like a member of that mob.

  43. White lives matter!!

    Vote accordingly!!!

  44. If these young thugs feel they are protected because of their age this sort of thing will happen again.
    The surveillance video should be made public and all names of these out of control dangerous punks published.
    This is Obama’s legacy! Oakland CA; Ferguson MO; Baltimore MD; etc etc.
    No doubt it was Jewish Seminary students!

  45. This is a progressive socialist city. Like Chicago they talk about caring for minorities but do nothing for them. . This racist behaviour by the left is what happens when they have control. These elites are like the Democrats in the south, before the Civil War, who used slaves for their benefit while the blood of innocent flowed.

  46. Ali Song says:

    Nothing to see here its OAKLAND where the MAYOR OPD and the City Council supports this ” Robin Hood ” approach to water distribution ….. Can’t help but laugh ……

  47. Andrew Stoy says:

    Do not care about what goes on in the Bay area, the people that live there and vote don’t!!!!

    1. Not good enough, they’ll border jump like the Illegal spicans do. Doesn’t hurt to dream that it falls into the ocean… for decades the plates were supposed to slip, but never did. Wonder what’s holding it up and hope somebody finds a solution into letting that landfill slide into ocean where it belongs!!

  48. Bill Grixby says:

    Will California please hurry up and secede? That state is a cesspool!

  49. Kirk Brown says:

    This is why more people need a concealed carry permit.
    Stop the animals in their tracks

  50. What’s worse: nΓ­ggers or muslims? Civilization can not exist with either one.

  51. If only the Commiecrat voters would get this karmic treatment.

  52. The citizens of CA deserve it…they essentially vote too keep themselves unsafe because they want to be politically correct over anything else. I mean if the case of Kate Steinle did not stir any common sense in you idiot CA liberals I guess nothing will…

  53. It’s no wonder the Raiders wanted to leave ASAP.

  54. Hey. This happened SATURDAY! WHY are we just now hearing about this for the FIRST TIME, on MONDAY? WHERE have our local TV “News” stations been? KTVU? KCBS? KRON? …. Is there some cover-up going on?

  55. Say it with me PC media: B – L – A – C – K – S . I know you can do it. Try really really hard and someday you might actually be journalists.

  56. 50 to 60 released joovies… ah geez ya mean i gotta buy 5 to 6 clips of sleeping pills to make sure each young ape gets their dose?!? It’s always something, always gotta buy extra when i come through da hood. Ya think i can take this off on my taxes?

  57. Mike Morales says:

    If you are riding BART through Oakland at night you are playing Russian Roullette in real time.

  58. This is happening all over the country. Black mobs of “youths” go hunting for anyone to rob (mostly asian and white). If you don’t like it you are a Nazi. Poopoopoodoo who’s a Nazi? you that’s who….

  59. This was obliviously planned. When caught let’s see if the Oakland DA has the balls to really kick this crime into high gear and treat these juvenile “citizens” as adults …

    18 U.S. Code Β§ 241 – Conspiracy against rights…

    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so securedβ€”

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  60. Stu Pedasso says:

    I am retired from a 30+ year law enforcement career here on the Left Coast where we had several rail commuter lines in town. In order to discourage crime on those trains, Metrorail offered police employees free ridership simply by showing their employee IDs. Of course all the cops were packing and the bad guys never knew who the good guys were so the train crimes went down. BART might consider doing something like that to discourage the thug element.

  61. This is the main reason I’m not against illegal Mexicans flooding into LA. They do a good job chasing all the blacks away. I’d rather have garbage on the streets than “”””teens”””” robbing people.

  62. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” Robert A. Heinlein. For all the lefties screaming NOOOOOO!, just remember, is your life and those of your loved ones worth defending?

  63. Dan Olson says:

    “The images cannot be shared publicly, she said, because the suspects appear to be minors.”

    Let me fix this for the chief:

    “The images cannot be shared publicly, she said, because the suspects appear to be black.”

  64. Do they look like sons of Ex rabble rouser In Chief, hero of New York Times crowd?

  65. Cant live with them. Wont live near them.

  66. The hard questions have not been asked about the Obama presidency. “Teens Commandeer BART Train In Violent Takeover Robbery Of Passengers” Is this the Obama legacy? His speeches on racism were reckless and sweeping that I who voted for him soon realized he was only trained as a mouthpiece for a failed ideology of divide and conquer promoting the politics of race, instead of ending the politics of race this mediocre president was propped by a unethical national media and a dishonest democratic party.

  67. Jeff Davis says:

    Feral nig nogs no doubt. What a scourge they are.

  68. Darin Warren says:

    A happy ending would have included every single one of them being shot in the head.

  69. The mob of feral nignogs may have stolen phones but they paid for them with red pills.

    1. Paul Lyons says:

      Yep! Exactly right! It’s sad that liberals don’t realize that White Exceptionalism is VERY real.

  70. Hey Oakland! How’s that sanctuary city thing working out for you? You get what you vote for! We non-sanctuary cities don’t want to pay for your lawlessness!

  71. Jim Olson says:

    I always hope to read about an armed person killing a thug or three during something like this. I’m disappointed once again.

    1. Bernhard Goetz (real story) last blasted a bunch of apes in 1984. They made a movie about him, and he was a real hero! You’ll have to keep watching it until the next real deal comes around, or you can go out and do it yourself. Just think how famous you’d be… book deals, movies, and tons of money!!

  72. Mark Lemmon says:

    Learn to carry a gun or two !

  73. Paul Lyons says:

    Just some Darkie Democrats out having a good time. Enjoy your multi-culturalism! :o)

  74. joechute says:

    I would be in bad shape. I only have 17 rounds per magazine 34 shots versus around 60 that need killing…

  75. Oakland, the place no one wants to live in, visit, buy anything from, pass through on public transit or drive past. Yeah it is that good.

  76. Obama’s kids waited until he returned so he could see how well they are following his instructions.

  77. John Cato says:

    The usual suspects.

    Gee, I wonder how white flight ever gets started?

    Eric Holder was right – we’re a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race – he just had who the cowards are and what the important topics are totally wrong.


  78. Amish acting up again or Mormons? Nah we know who did it by just reading about it…

  79. Alan Whitney says:

    Here is my idea:

    Whereas, California has shown in numerous ways and manners, both by commission and omission, that it is incapable of providing safety for it’s citizens;

    And Whereas, The State of California has manifested it’s desire to leave the Union, be it therefore resolved:

    That California be stripped of it’s status of statehood, and be reduced to a territory of the United States of America.

    That way, the Federal government could administer most of the affairs of the region, untill it is deemed fit to rejoin the Union.

  80. Hey Californians, it only gets better. The State Assembly is about to approve Statewide sanctuary for all illegal aliens in Cali. They are all going to bolt to Cali from Texas and all other non-sanctuary states as soon as Jerry Linda Ronstadt Brown signs the bill. As many as 5 to 10 million will be headed your way. Better learn Espanol, Hindi and Arabic. The state legislature will make you turn your dollars and daughters over to the hoards.

  81. Jose Jimenez says:

    Democrats…..Sanctuary City.

  82. Dan Epright says:

    You reap what you sow. California’s liberality grew this, and now they have to live with it.

  83. Do it anywhere else than Mexifornia and we shoot you.

  84. Tobias Keith says:

    Teens, you say. We know what you mean. Obamama, the gift that keeps on giving.

  85. Paul Bopko says:

    Nothings changed here, Sooner or later real bad stuff will happen. Cannot wait to hear from the clowns on MSNBC, CNN et al saying if a certain class of privileged folks were not so nasty these yooths would be real nice.

  86. Very confused here. Isn’t it the government that says you don’t need guns to protect yourself because the government will do the protecting (but who protects you against the “protectors”?)? As for the Libs who say “Well you shouldn’t shoot someone for taking things because the things are not worth it.” Hey, Moron, it is not I who have made the choice that what I possess is worth dying over, it is the idiot who has decided to try to take my stuff that has decided my stuff is worth their life.

  87. BART = Busing Africans Rapidly Through (Oakland)

  88. Paul Nourse says:

    Try that in a state that has CC holders packing heat. But then they knew the people would be largely unarmed. Welcome to California, now how low can they go. πŸ™

  89. I live in Arkansas. I dont care who Im riding, some guy named Bart or a girl named Lucy and you interupt my goins on, I guarantee Ill shoot the sht out of you. What a bunch of pansy waists they got out in that oak land area. Hell is there is that many trees around there how the hell did they find that Bart guy and all his riding friends. LOL

  90. too much free time for these African American youth. Free Community College should keep them out of trouble.

  91. Cory Carney says:

    “but will not release it to the public as the suspects are all juveniles” Um, the story said 50+ people committed these crimes and though they don’t know who these kids are they do somehow know they are undoubtedly juveniles… I think we all know why the video will not be released. What is the one detail about this horde of thugs we don’t know? That’s right, the obvious part, the one thing the video data would prove unequivocally for everyone to know… But, you know, we don’t want to be called racists…

  92. To you idiots in SF who read this, you reaped what you have sown. Swallow hard morons. SUCKERS!!!! You forfeited you Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. You, idiots, are not Americans, we real Americans don’t care what happens to you!

    345,084 84.47%
    37,688 9.23%

    274,035 80.87%
    64,810 19.13%

    34,294 83.65%
    6,702 16.35%

    120,282 81.32%
    27,621 18.68%

  93. Seeing some of the comments on here tell me that, you’ve done this to yourselves. When you created “The White Urban Bubble’. That invisible but always present cushion you’ve built around yourselves to avoid interacting-and to protect you from the street people. However, as a byproduc of your gentrification, you now seem to find it morally acceptable to allow bad behavior to go on around you and do nothing. Youth requires men to step up and help steer them in the right direction. Providing them with the same guidance when appropriate that we got
    coming up. This includes checking them when they act up. The youth you fail to correct now, becomes the street trash you will be forced to deal with later. PS, Really sad, men. Being a man means more than spewing BS on here, it means doing the right thing when it doesn’t just serve your purpose. And in generally realizing that we are all a part of what goes on around us. Try better!

  94. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  95. Liberals being tolerant is needed in this case, they need to be tolerant when being assaulted & robbed by Dindu’s until it kills them.. no loss!

  96. Barry’s son’s making their usual contribution to America. Not one of them would be missed.

  97. Susan Vue says:

    It is unfortunate that California denies its citizens their 2nd Amendment Right.

  98. let me guess the robbers was black, ni99er ni99er ni99er

  99. Wade Ward says:

    I’m encouraged that the people commenting overwhelmingly realize it is black thugs committing these crimes even though the media do all the can to cover it up. The question is how much longer are we going to tolerate black criminality, and the media lying about it?

  100. Mark Nord says:

    Why do they never identify the “juveniles/ teens” and why do you never here of white “teens” forming organized military like company sized groups robbing and beating innocent people. We need to start addressing the truth of the situation. That there is a black problem of violence and crime , whether genetic or environmental the problem is growing and it is getting worse every day. It is time to stop the PC BS and say it as it is and put a stop to it…………

  101. After the Battle Of Berkeley, where the police just stood down, are you really surprised that criminals are now getting bolder and bolder? San Francisco’s chickens are coming home to roost. Y’all made your bed, now lay in it.

  102. I’m sure knowing no one had a gun in their pocket had nothing to do with their choice to be hooligans. Ch*mps will be ch*mps, especially when they know there’s no one to stand up to them.

  103. John Benning says:

    I thought San Francisco was a gun free safe space overflowing with love and tolerance? I guess someone did not get the memo. The answer may be to elect more Democrats. It worked great in Detroit

  104. well seems to me they’d release video because if faces are seen – they can be more easily identified… and Too bad so sad about them being minors.. They are NOT MINOR ENOUGH to get together and hang out with their thug buddies, and commit this crime, now are they?? This is a big problem with protectionism- protecting the thugs over the victims. These little statutes in the law NOT identifying or telling names of persons who do things like this because of age ( and how do you know they are all minors? )- just puts them up to be able to get away with it and then promotes the idea to do bigger crimes.
    You see, Police department, when you do not employ ALL your resources to include video for identifying them, you are just as bad as the neighborhoods you go into to find out information that you know someone has but “they know or have seen nothing” – so you hold the responsibility of complicity to be able to expediently identify them BEFORE they strike again!

  105. Jane Reed says:


    1. Dave Brazil says:

      That’s exactly correct Jane Reed. I never go anywhere without my pistol, I live in St. Louis and its smart NOT to ride our metro-link but If I did and someone threatened my life I would not hesitate.

  106. This could not happen in the Bay Area, isn’t that santuary country,? And socialist californicate says the citizens don’t need to defend themselves, the STATE will take care of them. Could not happen in a better place. REMEMBER , Hitler’s Jews also went quietly .