OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Several juvenile suspects involved in a violent takeover of a BART train last week that left passengers terrorized, robbed and beaten have been identified, transit officials announced Wednesday.

In a statement, BART officials said the investigation into the attack at the Coliseum station “continues and with the aid of video surveillance from inside the train car.”

Investigators were still interviewing passengers and also sharing information on the identified suspects with other Bay Area law enforcement agencies.

BART did not say whether any of the suspects had been taken into custody.

The agency said it has “increased police presence in and around the affected area and throughout the entire system.” But the added security did not thwart a frightening situation at the Lake Merritt station — in the same complex as the BART police headquarters — from taking place Tuesday night.

According to BART police Lt. Mike Hayes, a station agent saw three to four hoodie-wearing juveniles enter the station without paying and head toward the platform.

The agent called police and radioed to two incoming trains not to stop at the station. When the group realized the trains were not stopping, they fled the station.

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That wasn’t the case last Friday night when witnesses told police that 50 to 60 juveniles jumped the fare gates and headed to the platform at the Coliseum station.

They stormed a train and robbed and beat several passengers, forcing them to give up their property. The incident happened at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Coliseum Station in Oakland aboard a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train.

At least two people were hurt and were treated by paramedics for facial and head injuries.

BART said there had been similar robberies on trains in the days prior to this incident with juveniles running onto trains and quickly fleeing, but not with as many people as in Saturday’s robbery.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said there were a total of seven robberies on the train.

“We had one purse, one duffel bag and five cellphones stolen,” said Trost. “No weapons were reported.”

The teens all fled into the surrounding neighborhood near the Coliseum before any officers could arrive.

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  1. Still no mention of the “juvenile’s” race. Just be honest about the monkeys will ya?

    1. you are a stupid honkey racist, aren’t you?

      1. “Black lives”? Does it matter, or doesn’t it?

      2. What would you call them?

      3. I am so sick of the deceit and denial CBS practices every time they cover a story that involves 100’s of black teens robbing , assaulting white people or doing the same to a mall store. CBS will never tell the complete facts, They use words like ” Out of Control Teens” or ” Teen Mob” I cant understand why they fail to disclose the Race of the teens. Its always the same. Over 200 malls in the last year have been victims of ” Black out of Control Teens ” video proof and not one mention of the race. If a white guy calls a black guy N word you run that story like crazy
        Im done CBS IM Boycotting CBS along with all my coworkers and Friends, I do not want to watch you impose you double standard anylonger. I wonder what year or if ever you will report whats really going on, and who is really victims of racial violence.

  2. Dan Roth says:

    Kalifornia should allow people to carry guns. Every other state does. If those punks knew that passengers may be armed they would think twice before the took over a train and robbed it. All it might take is one armed passenger and all the thugs could have wound up very dead. No need then to waste police time on the matter, just call the coroner and request extra body bags. We will probably need extra mops too because of all the blood.

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