SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A brawl forced the temporary lockdown of San Francisco’s downtown Westfield Mall Sunday evening and ended with several people being detained, authorities said.

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A San Francisco police spokesman said calls came in around 6:43 p.m. reporting a large fight at the mall.

Videos posted on social media showed a chaotic scene with arriving officers struggling to subdue several individuals. As a precaution the mall was locked down for a short time and then finally closed for the night early while police attempted to control the violence.

Officer Robert Rueca said a number of fights were occurring as bystanders were watching.

He said officers tried to detain several people some of whom resisted and would not obey officers.

As officers attempted to stop the fighting, they were attacked and assaulted.

To help control the situation the mall was closed. Rueca said a number of people have been detained. One officer was injured.

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  1. Jude Mandel says:

    Who else didn’t need to watch the video to find out which kind of “youths” were involved?

    1. Jumped straight to comments, didn’t you? “Youths” wasn’t a term used in the article.

      1. Jude Mandel says:

        I actually read the article. The video mentions “Unruly crowd” and “Juvenile.” The article mentioned “People” and “Individuals.”
        Does it really matter? Then again, “Youths” is “dog whistle racism.” Dontcha know?

      2. If you looked at the video you would have known before just spouting off. But in any event I as well as many, many others knew the ethnicity, before we even clicked. It’s the same thing you get when you see a fight at any given restaurant or fast food.

        Has NOTHING to do with racism, it’s just a fact.

      3. So you want to scold for someone stating the obvious? You could at least say “White kids do it too” But of course they don’t so you’d be lying

      4. The mall that I usually go to has had many fights over the years and it’s pretty typical that the perpetrators are young, under the age of 18, and typically black. That’s just a fact. The same thing applies here. I didn’t see anyone older than 18 or so and the majority were black that were causing problems in ANY of the videos was watching. I viewed 4 videos of different locations within the mall. I think these malls need to take a stand and ban anyone under the age of 18 without a legal guardian unless they actually work at the mall. These kids get out of school, their parents don’t get their kids involved with anything productive and then end up going to malls, causing problems which impacts REAL shoppers that are trying to actually buy something. Otherwise what’s going to happen is less buyers will go to malls and then the malls will shut down due to the lack of business. These stores are there to sell products/services, not to cater to stupid kids that only want to steal and get into stupid fights. Watch all of the videos carefully. Do you see any older people causing problems? NOPE. Do you see non-blacks causing problems? NOPE. Facts are facts and the videos prove facts.

    2. End of month EBT cards ran out, time to pay back the rich store owners for their white privilege!

      1. EBT…Ended By Trump, cards!!

    3. When those Amish kids go Rumspringa, anything can happen.

    4. jayesouthworth says:

      Well we already knew that they were kneegrows. Probably from Hunter’s Point, well known area for black on black violence.

    5. Carl Wilson says:

      We knew it was unruly ‘teens’ from the headline. I didn’t realize SF was enriched by so much diversity. I bet they were all just good kids who dindu nuffin.

  2. Carl Romano says:

    A huge brawl in a shopping mall that involves black people? I’m shocked!

    1. Sam Shawn says:

      Black Culture… Broken as Usual….

  3. This kind of mayhem makes malls distinctly uncool places to shop for the rest of us.

  4. Jude Mandel says:

    “The police were reviewing the social posts and interviewing witnesses to determine if anyone was going to be arrested. Several officers suffered minor injuries while breaking up the brawl.”

    Why should anyone be arrested? So what if officers were injured? These kinds of black-on-white attacks are pretty standard behavior in today’s America where pointing out facts will quickly get you labeled a “Rayyyycist!”

    1. Unbelievable no one was arrested. Amazing what we’ve become. And to think in 10 years these will be the “good old days”

  5. tngilmer says:

    The black plague strikes again.

  6. Jude Mandel says:

    “The police were reviewing the social posts and interviewing witnesses to determine if anyone was going to be arrested. Several officers suffered minor injuries while breaking up the brawl.”
    Where else in America – other than San FranSicko – do police serve as “brawl breaker-upers?” Did they not witness the fighting? Why not arrest the violent Perps on the spot?

  7. Jack Davis says:

    Those Amish are at it again!!

  8. They’re probably going to have to just shut down the Westfield Mall, because its location in downtown San Francisco is grand central for the homeless population of the city, as well as being extremely accessible to troublemakers from Oakland, who can come in to San Francisco on the subway, steal, and be back in Oakland in no time. Building that mall may have seemed like a good way to market to tourists, but who the heck even goes there anymore?

    1. Jeremy Smith says:

      Why we can’t have nice things… when blacks are around.

  9. Bart Drennon says:

    This doesn’t happen in Salt Lake City.

  10. This is how shopping malls die. If they don’t get this under control this mall won’t last 5 years. Seen it in my hometown. All the high end anchor stores move out. Then there is noting left except arcades, t-shirt and tennis shoe stores. Then it closes down

  11. The ethnicity of those involved with stories like this is seldom a surprise…blacks!

  12. Mike Miller says:


    Aaaaaaand….it’s black people.



  13. Jeremy Smith says:

    BART often has these thugs attacking passengers. It’s the black undertow – wherever they go, they make the place worse, much worse. When is America going to wake up? The Democrats make it worse because they encourage this behavior with their policies. The school policies where punishments are eliminated for bad behavior like attacking teachers or cursing them. Yeah, that’s going to make them good, productive citizens. We need policies that go after bad parents and black leadership who do nothing about these feral youths and where the community has little concept of personal responsibility.

  14. You knew before you clicked, didn’t you?

  15. Jeff Ashby says:

    San Fran city officials will probably want to retrain the officers as to how to properly ride the escalator.

    1. Molly Birgey says:

      Dam,THAT was funny. More amusing is not one counter-comment,to all the ‘racist’ comments.Truth IS often hard to swallow. But hell, I’m just a kid. My parents don’t allow me to go to that mall. Oh,by the way,my granny is Caribbean,actually makes me 1/4 black. Sucks to be lumped in. You know??

  16. Max Cady says:

    It is very culturally insensitive when police officers prevent black people from engaging in public violence and flash-mob activity. In Africa, this behavior is part of black culture. They even burn tires around each other’s necks over there. The police officers involved in this incident must be given cultural sensitivity training!

  17. Color me SURPRISED! White rules of social behavior do NOT apply to these “folks”.
    signed, Barack

  18. Hugh Tjardon says:

    The termite people were at it again. What a blessing!

  19. Paul King says:

    And we’re supposed to embrace diversity? I don’t think so.

  20. Gi Gene says:

    We’ve all seen these stats before, but there is something wrong with our social system.
    Approx. 75% of minorities are born with out a providing, live in father. They are raised without discipline and respect for authority. The cost of welfare and what it’s producing is going to destroy America.
    2013. F B I crime statistics involving 15 year old to 34year old Black males.
    Blacks males committed 57.3 % of all Robbery.
    Blacks males committed 50.8 % of all murders.
    Blacks committed 38.8 % of all aggravated assaults.
    Blacks committed 34.1 % of all forcible rapes.
    This group is only 3 % of the total U S population.
    Only 16% of Baltimore teenagers have been raised with married parents
    Meaning 84% of Baltimore teenagers have not been raised with married parents.
    72% of Black children are born illegitimate.
    The incarceration rate in state or federal prison or jail
    for white men was 736 per 100,000,
    for black men 4763 per 100,000

    1. And that, my Friend, is exactly what happens when humanity decides to mess with what God joined together: One husband and one wife whose job is to raise their children in respect and love of God and family

      1. hitrestart1 says:


    2. Jack Frost says:

      Why is it “NOT PC” to address the OBVIOUS problem of violent crime committed by young black males??? It’s NOT an OPINION – it’s a FACT!

      And NO, the “answer” is NOT to spend / squander MORE taxpayer funds… The inner city schools already get almost 3X the average per student in govt funds and get more like 1/10’th of the beneficial return that SHOULD be expected.

  21. Fred Doe says:

    These animals are an embarrassment to the black race. If the the NAACP really wanted to live up to it’s name, it would find a way to civilize these creatures.

  22. Steve Hollar says:

    Several were “detained”? Really? How about arrested? Until we get tough with these animals, it will only get worse.

  23. We all KNEW it was Eric Holder’s people…Forced integration NEVER should have happened…

  24. steel71 says:

    That’s a “vibrant” city.

  25. Richard Frey says:

    “Brawl at the Mall” is the New Term for …..”RIOT” !!!!!……Mall Management will now be forced to Hire “Rent a Cops” and restrict or prevent any un-accompanied Teenager from entering!!!!…..or just Close and Lock the Doors and go out of business????…….These feral Teens will then have to find new areas to meet and Destroy, like………..Airports ???

  26. There goes Westfield. It’ll close within two years, guaranteed. Until then, it’ll be plagued by the two warring tribes, the Ungowa’s and the We-Be’s. Westfield: NO LONGER SAFE FOR HUMANS — STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!!!

  27. Bob Josephs says:

    The Chronicle will describe this as a police riot on peaceful teenagers.

  28. Maybe the ferals will move to Ghiradelli Square or Union Square or the Whart. C’mon, let’s TOTALLY KILL EVERYTHING in SF.

  29. Need I look at the video to guess the demographic makeup of the brawlers…?

  30. They were black?
    Well, maybe the police should have stood down then and let them run around the mall and hurt the paying customers and steal all of the merchandise. That would have been fair then. After all, their relatives were slaves over 160 years ago. Right?

  31. Don McCoy says:

    Wow! These elite officers arrested ONE JUVENILE!? Way to go, guys! I’m sure the mall is a LOT safer now. These brawlers will NEVER pull that again!

  32. hitrestart1 says:

    There’s nothing on this earth I could ever want that would compel me to shop at Westfield Mall.

  33. Henry Schook says:

    truth has no place in race relations in america.everyone knew what race it would be and how it would be down played in the media.

  34. It appears that Oakland has invaded SF.

  35. John Oakman says:

    They were this way 1000 years ago and will be the same 1000 years from now.

  36. Henry Schook says:

    black men and woman are the progressives tools and treated like unruly children,they never riot in a rich liberals neighborhood

  37. Doug Day says:

    Sigh…the white mans burden.

  38. Looks like we need more mall cops with a bazooka mounted on their segway.

  39. The “usual” tribal scenario. This is why the Mall of America was forced to hire and train a paramilitary style police force.

  40. David Chance says:

    San Frans filth entertains us yet again…cheers !!

  41. Again we see the magnificence and fruits of “diversity” and the glorious spontaneous unrestrained joy of black culture on display. It’s a beautiful thing man.

  42. Rex Johnson says:

    Most of America is sick of the BLM types and their violence and total reliance on someone else’s money.

  43. Meatzilla says:

    dsfhdsgfhd fdjfdjdkdkg hfjlfyhlyhflf

  44. 25% of Shopping Malls across the USA are closing this year due to online sales cutting into their profit. While online sales no doubt impact shopping at malls, these frequent mass chimp outs are far more devastating. I would never take my family to a mall unless I was sure in advance the anti-civilization segment wasn’t there. Not worth the risk.

  45. John Phelps says:

    Cowardly media refuses to identify the race unless it’s a white male.

  46. Chuck Yates says:

    Need to make examples of these delinquent black juveniles. Also, start fining the parent.

  47. Barley Booth says:

    It took minimal sleuthing to unveil the fact that the mall is served by two BART stations with direct links to Oakland. Go to the mall and terrorize law abiding folks there. Hop on BART and do the same to your fellow riders on the way home.

  48. Joe Smith says:

    I knew before I saw the video.

  49. Carl Mertz says:

    This must be the after affects of to much partying on ” Fathers Day “. A few weeks back.

  50. Feral thuggers doing what comes naturally to them. Dumb liberals thought that they could buy peace with “programs”. The more you give them, the more angry they become and the more they demand.

  51. Kevin Jones says:

    They acted better when they were called N ggers

  52. There is one and only one humane and politically viable solution to this kind of thing. We do it, or, eventually, we ourselves will be genocided:

    For every lovely on the dole,
    Mandatory birth control.

    Learn it, repeat it. Do it, white fools, or your children, perhaps even you, will be slaughtered like animals.

  53. I don’t knooww, — it’s so hard to tell – everyone looked so … dark..
    Hey yeah, release on their own recognizance and “we’ll” arrest them later, depending on their Facebook posts, and send them an e-mail requesting they come down to the station and turn themselves in ?? Plasti-cuff every one of them, then sort it out.

  54. I think it should be clear as a bell. Move the living quarters to a place where there are jobs. Or if it is a permanent problem for some, move the quarters to a place that is wide open and build military style barracks. Put people in jail who abuse the quarters, and make sure they don’t get dope. Washing dishes might get to look pretty good.

    1. Henry Schook says:

      they call those housing projects

  55. Those gawddam Canadians, we need to put them on the travel ban list, murdering and brawling and just wrecking our cities…………

  56. Paul Lyons says:

    Move along folks…Nothing to see here!! Just some Democrats having a little fun.

    1. What an ignorant statement. I would venture to guess that the kids causing the problems aren’t even registered voters, let alone vote. Trust me, Republicans cause problems too. Do you think Christopher Dorner was a Democrat? I doubt it. He went on a shooting spree killing lots of people. Republicans would use guns instead. Where are my manners?

      These kids are probably 18 or younger, they just don’t have anything better to do so they go to the mall when school’s out and they cause problems. Remember, Summer just started, these kids are on summer break.

      1. The underlying thought is that there is a 90+% chance that they will vote D if they every bother to vote.

  57. Let me adapt a HumaHillaryism…Black Yutes and theys kulture be havin absolutely MuthaEffer nuthin to du wit this all too common breach of the peace…xxoo

  58. Everyone knew it was a pack of wild niġġers before they even clicked on the video.

  59. Congratulations Democrats. ‘The Great Society’ has turned blacks back into stone-age jungle savages. Bravo.

  60. Mark Tate says:

    Days din-do nufin.Days good kids.Days going back to colledge dis fall.

  61. Bob West says:

    Look, we have to accept that some things are CULTURAL. For example, as I travel the nation extensively for business, I see local news from all over…and whenever there’s a story about a shooting in a nightclub, you can bet your children’s lives that it ain’t gonna be a country western bar! (even though the parking lot of such establishments are full of cars with guns in ’em) There are simply cultural attitudes that are present in any society; and if those fall along racial lines—-do we reject truth just to appease the perpetually outraged sentiments of the Lollypop Guild (ie: progressives)? Well, after a legion of terrorist events by Islamic radicals, people still fume over any insinuation that there could be a linkage to elements of that religion…and rather than being deemed “phobic”, the gatekeepers of media/academia/entertainment/Leftism, don’t want to acknowedge even a whiff of consideriation that embraces the blatant math. Self-blinded, there is a mindset that must jettison truth—-in order to chase narratives of FALSE VIRTUE; so that weak character can pretend to be special and snobbishly “superior on the cheap”.
    But Enlightenment is truth, and there are just some things that are uncomfortable…yet nonetheless so. And hey, it goes in every direction, too. If you hear about someone smoking meth in a camper at a NASCAR race, it’s just not gonna be black folks. If you really wann be hated in this world, tell the truth (expect those threatened by truth to demand your neck)!

  62. Brus Al says:

    I thought that this was the soundstage for the new Planet of the Apes movie.

  63. 50 year anniversary of The Summer of Love, LOL. If it feels good, do it.

  64. 01/12/2015Peter St. Onge
    Left-wing revolution is one of history’s biggest bait-and-switches. Both for the intellectuals who hanker for the grapeshot, and for the marginalized peoples who get concentration camps instead of the anti-capitalist utopia they were promised.

    “Revolutions eat their children.”

  65. Article says San Francisco but by the looks of the yoots, I’d say Oakland.

  66. Maybe we are deporting the wrong people.

  67. Zane Thomas says:

    Went to San Fran for my first and last time last year. Not impressed. What a cesspool!

  68. LOL. It’s the usual suspects and the usual cover up by the Leftist media!

  69. We have enough of our own trash without importing more

  70. iratenate says:

    You can just smell the diversity!

  71. It’s so good to see white people waking up to the useless black plague.

  72. Come on, just let Ni§§®®s be Ni§§®®s, it happens all the time. Let them fight amongst themselves and rip the weaves out of their disgusting pubic like hair. Those Negroid juveniles can get really nasty when they want to, and the videos illustrate it quite well. Why is it always the Jiggaboos? Well, they like to steal/loot from stores, so they start a major distraction while others loot the stores blind. Its called Kneegrow economics 101, if you don’t have the money to purchase an item(s), then you can always turn to violence to create some.

  73. John Smith says:

    I’m so sick of these gentle giants. They should take call the defenders and coddlers of these marauding, subhuman beasts and have them grow up with their cuddly, safe pet grease apes in my grandma’s house on Chicongo’s South Side.

  74. Hard to believe that only one of these filthy Dindu Nuffin thugs got arrested. They should have arrested every single thug.

  75. Pat Kittle says:

    The KKK said they were like this.

    I didn’t want to believe it.