SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — California Gov. Jerry Brown warns that catastrophic wildfires will keep ripping through the state as the climate warms.

Brown told reporters Wednesday that more people are living in communities close to forests and brush that easily ignite because of dry weather. Blazes burning in Northern California have become some of the deadliest in state history.

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He said a warming climate has contributed to catastrophic wildfires. “That’s the way it is with a warming climate, dry weather and reducing moisture.” said Brown. “These kind of catastrophes have happened and they’ll continue to happen, and we have to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate.”

The governor has positioned himself as a leader in the fight against climate change.

Brown says the federal government has pledged assistance but points out resources also are going to hurricane recovery efforts in Texas and Florida.

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Comments (7)
  1. Palin Smith says:

    Government incompetence exacerbated the wildfires.

  2. Palin Smith says:

    Poor forestry management is what most contributes to wildfires. If you put out every little fire so the fuel can build up then you get an explosive and uncontrolled wildfire just like what happened all over California.

    Controlled burns every year are the way to go. The native Americans used to do this and it worked great for them.

  3. Obviously, the response is too little too late.