OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – More allegations have surfaced against an Oakland councilwoman who has already cost the city millions.

A former staffer is accusing City Councilwoman Desley Brooks of abuse.

Brooks made headlines after she was accused of shoving former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown, a case that forced the city to pay up.

Now, her former aide is taking legal action, filing a claim against her and the city that alleges she verbally and physically abused him.

Brooks spoke publicly on Tuesday about funding for job training centers and programs, as well as accountability.

“We have to hold all people accountable in this community, not just some…” Brooks said in a speech on Tuesday.

But her former aide, 33-year-old Sidney Wilson, claims Brooks routinely yelled at him and cursed at him. He also said he was a “controlled and abused servant, a go-fetch boy.”

Wilson claims he “…was forced by Councilmember Brooks to create and manage a Farmers’ Market illegally.”

Wilson also said he was forced to work six days a week and dealt with “vicious verbal abuse and toxic work conditions to no relief.”

In the claim, Wilson said Brooks told him: “I’m so sick of this s***. If you tell anyone what goes on in this office, you will regret it. Anyone!”

Wilson resigned in October 2017.

KPIX 5 caught up with Brooks as she was leaving her news conference Tuesday and asked her about the claims by her former aide that she is a “toxic” boss.

“Obviously we can’t overlook the fact there has been another claim filed — about a former aide – can you comment on that?” KPIX 5 asked Brooks.

“No,” Brooks said.

“Can you comment about this 24-page claim about toxic environment?” KPIX 5 asked.

“No,” said Brooks.

“How about this coming on the heels of another claim where the city had to pay millions of dollars. Do you have any comment?” KPIX 5 asked.

Brooks wrote in an email, “It’s unfortunate that someone I tried to help and mentor is now trying to manipulate the city in this way.”

This latest claim follows a civil verdict in December in which the jury decided the city must pay $3.75 million to former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown, who said Brooks shoved her inside a restaurant in 2015.

Brooks was ordered to pay $550,000 in punitive damages.

This new claim seeks $1 million in damages from the city of Oakland and $3 million from Brooks.

KPIX 5 also happened to spot the former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown in downtown Oakland on Tuesday and asked her about this latest claim.

“I’m not going to be speaking about my case or anything related to it,” said Brown.

She said she was aware that another case was filed. “I read the newspapers,” Brown said. “I don’t have an opinion right now.”

Juliette Goodrich

Comments (19)
  1. David Alster says:

    Hypocrisy going full circle.

  2. Jim Wolfson says:

    A loud, abrasive, unlikeable screechy black woman?
    Well, that’s unusual.

    1. akotner says:

      They make the worst co-workers. I’ve had many.

      1. Do consider seeking psychological treatment for your unreconstructed white racism. It’s quite vulgar, immoral, and disgusting.

    2. A lurid, abrasive, repulsively racist white guy?
      Well, that’s NOT unusual.

      1. It isn’t racist to state facts. The average IQ of blacks is at least 10 points below whites and nearly 20 points below that of Asians. These also are facts, not racism. So sorry you can’t face facts.

  3. When their taxes are raised to pay of these law suits, those who voted for her may have second thoughts about electing her to a public office.

    1. Chuck Curry says:

      Those who voted for her would vote for whomever gives them ten bucks and a chili dog whenever the community organizer shows up in the poll bus.

  4. So far no evidence has come forth that Desley Brooks is actually a female.

  5. Chuck Curry says:

    Can we deport Californians from the rest of the U.S. yet?

    1. Chuck Curry:

      Well, Chuckie, nothing would please superbly educated, cosmopolitan, affluent Californians more than to rid ourselves of the Red State Reich of racist white mooches who sponge off of our over-generous tax contributions to said Reich of the Repugnant Racists, contributions that go your beloved Reich’s myriad welfare programs for white racist hypocrites.

      Henceforth, your Reich could all sop up from the trough delivered by gravy train from such economic “miracles” as, oh, Louisiana, Kansas, and Mississippi. And you could get your high-tech from such Ivy League, New Ivy hotbeds as Alabama.


      Yeah. Do “deport us,” notre garçcon Déplorable. Nothing could possibly make us happier.

      1. black women should never be in power. they cant raise their children properly let alone secure a black man they have no business leading the public when they are low hanging fruit

  6. Roger Lepus says:

    Hate to say it but this is just what everyone has come to expect from blacks. Why is this toxic verbal and physical abuse so common with black people today. It is the norm now instead of being rare..

  7. Lar Jam says:

    What isn’t new is taxpayers always have to pay the bill for wicked power hungry Congress members and Senators behaviors whether City, State or Federal level. We need to spare the tax payers on these lawsuits and have separate insurance and the characters found guilty of crimes responsible. I Love the stories involving Senators having sex with interns that have been found guilty and the tax payer pays bills and quietly placed under the rug so their power is uninterrupted.Clean the swamp!

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