MARTINEZ (CBS SF) — A Contra Costa County judge has found a former De La Salle football player guilty of raping a Carondelet high student.

The assault rocked both Concord Catholic school campuses last year.

The then 15-year-old was kicked out of De La Salle after the incident. The rape happened at a homecoming dance house party last year.

The judge made the ruling Tuesday after new evidence from a Snapchat account was introduced.

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That evidence was a 10-second audio clip that the victim recorded on her phone during the assault.

Allegedly, she can be heard repeatedly saying “No! Please stop!”

Prosecutor Devon Bell applauded the victim’s courage in a released statement.

“Despite an audio recording that clearly shows her lack of consent on the night in question, she has faced significant harassment from her peers for speaking up. I’m hopeful that her strength will inspire other survivors to share their stories.”

In July, a second teenager pleaded guilty to felony sexual battery in this case. He was sentenced to a maximum of 9 years confinement.


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