OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — A dog owner who bit a jogger in the East Bay hills, leaving serious bite marks, is claiming that the jogger was actually the aggressor.

Both sides are telling different versions of what happened. The original incident happened on Thursday, Jan. 3, when the jogger claimed the dog owner and her dog assaulted her on a trail at Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

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Originally, the dog owner, 19-year-old Alma Cadwalader from Oakland, was arrested by East Bay Regional Park District police after investigators interviewed her at police headquarters Friday.

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The jogger, identified as Ms. Stainner, told park police that one of Cadwalader’s two dogs attacked her, and the jogger pepper-sprayed the dog in self-defense. Stainner then told investigators that Cadwalader joined the attack, leaving her with a nasty bite mark.

(East Bay Regional Parks Police)

(East Bay Regional Parks Police)

Cadwalader faces three felony charges after biting Stainner. But she and her attorney Emily Dahm are claiming that the Stainner’s claims aren’t true.

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“It’s self-defense. My client was defending her beloved animals from an unprovoked attack,” said Dahm.

Dahm explained that one of the teen’s dogs, a shepherd-husky mix named Pouya, ran along side Stainner on trail when she overreacted. Stainner then pepper sprayed the animal and left it with a swollen eye.

A picture of Cadwalader with her two dogs. (via Cadwalader family)

“She’s yelling at Ms. Stainner, ‘Stop, stop!’ And when Ms. Stainner wouldn’t stop spraying these dogs who were no threat to her, my client tried to grab the pepper spray from her,” said Dahm.

“And when she tried to grab the pepper spray, Ms. Stainner grabs her by the hair and starts kneeing her in the groin, attacking her. And as she has my client’s hair firmly in her grip, my client bites her to get her to release,” she continued.

KPIX 5 reached out to Stainner on Sunday evening, but she declined to speak.

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Cadwalader will appear in court Monday afternoon, where it is yet to be seen if a district attorney will move forward with the charges.