CONCORD (KPIX 5) — An Antioch family is grieving the loss of a young woman who was killed on Highway 4 on Saturday. Officers with the California Highway Patrol say Destinee Hillery crossed all four lanes of the highway before veering off the road at the Willow Pass Road off-ramp.

There have been three shootings since Saturday in the East Bay and the CHP is calling all of them targeted shootings. In the one on Highway 4, 25-year-old Destinee lost her life and the family is desperately searching for an answer to the senseless tragedy.

Fred Hillery lost a daughter he describes as a beautiful soul. He said she was full of life, with hopes of becoming a chef. While the CHP is calling these cases targeted gang shootings, the Hillery family knows Destinee was not part of any sort of gang.

“Anybody that knows her or knows our family and the type of close knit family we are would know that in no way shape or form, would we be involved in any gang relation,” said Fred Hillery.

According to the CHP, since November 1st, 2015, there have been 185 Bay Area freeway shootings, killing nine people. It has made 34 arrests, but hasn’t been able to put an end to the violence. Now, the Hillery family has become the latest victim.

“It just feels like something you can’t wake up out of. A nightmare you can’t wake up out of,” said David McCoy, Destinee’s uncle.

Destinee just turned 25 on March 3rd. She graduated from Deer Valley High School and was recently working as a manager at an Alamo Safeway. She was driving home from work around 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon when the shooting occurred. The family’s only hope now is that authorities will make an arrest soon in this case.

“Just give us some closure, some kind of I answer,” said Ruthie Johnson, Destinee’s aunt.

The family hopes keeping Destinee’s story in the news will help someone see it and have a tip that they can pass along to authorities. The CHP says it needs people to come forward to solve this crime. They can be contacted at their 24-hour tip line: (707) 917-4491.