By Maria Medina

FREMONT (KPIX 5) — A condemned Fremont home with a collapsing ceiling, mildew and a rotting structure that sold for $1.23 million last year is no more. In its place is a brand new, two-story custom green home that went on the market Thanksgiving Day for $2.88 million.

Condemned home in Fremont sold for $1.23 million. (Redfin)

The condemned home in Fremont when it sold for $1.23 million. (Redfin)

Last April, Anil Keswani bought the home at 3239 Bruce Drive. But while passersby or potential buyers only saw an eyesore and posted signs that read “Keep Out” and “Enter at Your Own Risk,” Keswani said he had a different vision.

“I don’t care what is standing on top, I need to know what is the size of the lot,” he told KPIX last year. He said he wanted the property for the 9,400 square foot lot.

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What he built was a modern home with UV windows, recessed lighting, crown molding, outlets with USB plug-ins, a meditation room and a kitchen with a 10 foot by 6 foot granite island. The 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom home is 4,206 square feet.

Keswani and his realtor, Upasna Gupta, didn’t reveal how much profit they would make. But Keswani said he wasn’t doing it for the sole sake of the money, he said he was doing it because it’s his passion. He’s been behind similar projects in the past.

Keswani outbid nearly a dozen others for the Bruce Drive home last year, paying all cash.

“I even was scared to enter the house,” he said.

The pair said the neighbors are also happy that not only is the eyesore that sat on the lot for years now gone, the new home that has views of the Bay Area has also increased home values in the area.

“It was worth it , it was worth it,” Gupta said. “All the love, all the effort and all the hard work.”