By Maria Cid Medina

SUNNYVALE (KPIX 5) — A Sunnyvale bridal store owner believes a jewelry heist at his shop Wednesday morning may be connected to a recent similar burglary.

Reuben Kanhai, owner of Sagar Exclusive, is hoping if he can connect the two crimes, the suspects will be caught.

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Two burglars hit Sagar Exclusive, stealing almost everything in around two minutes (Photo: Sagar Exclusive)

“Somebody must know something about it,” Kanhai said. His surveillance cameras captured two suspects using a rock to smash his glass front door and then his glass counter tops to steal jewelry before stuffing the stolen goods in bags.

He said they were in and out in two minutes and ran out to a waiting white BMW. Unfortunately, the rain made it difficult to capture the getaway car’s license plate.

“We feel violated, this is something that doesn’t happen in Sunnyvale,” Kanhai said.

But he isn’t losing hope that the suspects will eventually get caught. He believe the suspects may be connected to a burglary in Los Altos on Monday at Marcel’s Jewelry Design. Cameras recorded a truck being used to smash the storefront, and then two men grabbing jewelry.

But the getaway car that was used was also a white BMW.

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los altos robbery jewelry store

Thieves ram truck into Marcel’s Jewelry Design in Los Altos before breaking the counter tops and clearing out the store (Photo: Marcel’s Jewelry Design)

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“We feel awful and the other company, I heard, is closing down,” said Kanhai. The owner of Marcel Jewelry told KPIX on Monday that getting his business back up and running may not be worth the hassle not just because of financial reasons, but also because he’s living with colon cancer.

Kanhai said he understands the financial hit a small business can take after a burglary. He said he had to close his Hayward store after it was burglarized several times in a matter of months.

Kanhai said insurance companies raise their rates after a claim is filed for a burglary, making it difficult for business owners like him to stay afloat.

He said he may soon find out the license plate of the suspects’ car in his burglary case because his landlord’s cameras may have captured it.

He hopes it will soon lead to the arrests of the two burglars and getaway driver.

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”These are people that don’t care at all,” Kanhai said.