Best Vocal Groups On The Peninsula

April 4, 2013 5:00 AM
Vocal groups are everywhere, but sometimes they seem hard to find, especially if you want to join one yourself. A cappella, barbershop, rock, and choir genres are all vocal A-listers on the Peninsula. Check out these five great singing groups:

www.hook-slide.comHookslide is a high-energy, hard rockin’ four-man vocal group. This group is a mix of vocal percussion, booming bass, and spirited four-part harmony. Hookslide has perfomed more than 200 shows around the country, and recently peformed on Capitol Mall in Washington, DC. The foursome’s sound is a fit for all kinds of corporate, college, festival, charity and any other organizations that need an energetic vocal mix.

Peninsula Women’s Chorus
P.O. Box 50532
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 327-3095
www.pwchorus.orgThe Peninsula Women’s Chorus (PWC) is a Palo Alto-based a cappella choir of 50 voices performing high-quality classical and contemporary music in the Bay Area and other places around the globe. From its founding in 1966, the PWC has aimed for excellence in its diverse and challenging performances of choral literature for women. The group’s commitment to performing new and interesting music has had an impact on the chorus’s association with diverse projects beyond the typical concert season. The choral enriches and stirs audiences with its enduring programs of introducing new works plus frequent collaborations with other performance groups.

Prime Time A Cappella
www.primetimeacappella.comPrime Time is an a cappella group that met through singing with other groups. The group members work out of Cupertino and perform all over the Bay Area. They realized they belonged together through their kindred voices, desire to sing challenging, tightly harmonized charts and a mutual tendency to laugh quite a bit while working hard at what they love – singing. Members Jennifer Ayre, Caia Brookes, Dan McQuiggg, Wil Mathews and John Rae-Grant come from an eclectic musical background range of vocal jazz, to collegiate-style a cappella pop, to barbershop style. You will easily note these influences simultaneously in most of the performances. Check the group’s website for upcoming dates.

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Peninsula Harmony Chorus
645 Mills Ave.,
Los Altos, CA 94022
(408) 859-1051
www.peninsulaharmony.orgThe Peninsula Harmony Chorus (PHC) is a non-profit a cappela mixed chorus that has been singing together since 1999. The group defines itself as a commmunity chorus and that label is on target as the group welcomes singers of any age who enjoy singing. The group’s mission of “creating harmony through harmony” is at the heart of its existence, and all new members must agree with this quest. Bringing the special power of music to all people in the community, the group believes music brings great theraputic value in life for both singers and listeners. Another goal is helping PHC members improve their musical skills, and rehearsal time is an opportunity to learn about music theory, pitches and intervals, how to blend and to simply learn to sing better. The PHC core repertoire is street-corner “doo-wop” music, but other types of music such as show tunes, ballads, world music and end-of-year holiday songs are fun for the chorus as well. Check the chorus website for upcoming events.

First Presbyterian Church Adult Choir
1140 Cowper Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 325-5659
www.fprespa.orgThe adult choir at First Presbyterian Church is a group of dedicated volunteer singers enthusiastic about helping to create meaningful worship services through music and song. The choir welcomes anyone who is eager to add his or her voice to the group and minister to the general community in keeping with the church’s mission. The choir rehearses on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Visit the church website for more details.

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