On “The Outbreak” we give you the week’s most infectious videos, recently released music videos and upcoming movie trailers. With so many to chose from, we took the the ones that trended the most and contained them right here.


In this week’s edition: A day in Sharks uniform brings Martinez heart defect survivor to tears. San Jose 3 yr-old’s Cupcake video goes uber-viral and winds up on Ellen Degeneres’ show, plus 20th Century Fox releases the newest “Peanuts” movie preview…all on this week’s Outbreak!


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Sam Tageson Lives The Shark Fan’s Dream

Sam Tageson, a lifelong San Jose Sharks fan with a health condition, gets to realize his dream of practicing and skating on the ice as a member of the Sharks.

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Little Mateo’s Cupcake Begging Goes Beyond Viral

San Jose 3-Year-Old Goes Viral As ‘Little Mateo’ from San Jose pleads his case for cupcakes; Parents to build college fund and ends up on Ellen Degeneres’ show.


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Disney’s Maleficent – Official Trailer

The third preview trailer for Disney’s Maleficent has been released on YouTube.

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#HappyDay with Alice@97.3 & Michael Franti

Musician Michael Franti joins in on Sarah & Vinnie’s version of “Happy” music video by Pharrell Williams

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“Peanuts” Teaser Trailer

20th Century Fox has released the 55 second teaser trailer of Blue Sky Studios’ “Peanuts” movie. It’s the first time the “Peanuts” Gang has been in theaters since 1980, with the release of the full length feature film. The film marks the first time the “Peanuts” gang will be made using CGI and shot for 3D.

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Superman With a GoPro

CorridorDigital created this unique perspective of being “Superman.” The short was filmed using a camera drone and a GoPro.

Lights Out (A short horror film)

Swedish animator and filmmaker David F. Sandberg made this short horror flick a few months back, but it’s only just started getting some traction online in the last few days. With good reason.

Disney and Pixar Sings “Let it Go”

With so many covers of Let it Go coming out, people may forget the original Disney magic that this song has, so what better way to preserve that magic with other Disney and Pixar characters singing the song! So enjoy this Disney and Pixar Mashup! Performer is me, Brian Hull and the audio is recorded and produced by Seth O’Neal.

First Trailer for “The Giver”

The first trailer for the big-screen adaptation of “The Giver” was released Wednesday, giving fans of Lois Lowry’s classic 1993 dystopian young adult novel their first look at the film. “The Giver” stars Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Alexander Skarsgard. Opens in theaters on August 15.

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Man Solves Impossible “Wheel of Fortune” Puzzle With Just Two Letters

Contestant Emil was going for the game show’s final prize and was only able to guess two of the phrase’s twelve letters, with neither of them repeating throughout the sentence. All he knew was that the three-word answer was a “thing,” it started with the letters N and E and didn’t include R, S, T, L, H, M, D or O. On the suggestion of host Pat Sajak, Emil just decided to start throwing out random phrases, and the first one he came up with, “New Baby Buggy,” was correct! Emil walked away with $45,000 for his amazing guesswork, and left both Pat Sajak and Vanna White looking absolutely baffled in his wake.

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Final Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Is Out

Sony has released what it says is the final trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Up until now, teasers have been coming out in dribs and drabs — and the latest one really gives a sense of what to expect when the film hits theaters on May 2.

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