Pets Seized From Sonoma Co. Man Planning Pre-Rapture Killings

BOYES HOT SPRINGS (CBS 5) – On Friday night, animal control officials in Sonoma County seized three animals belonging to a man who planned to euthanize the pets ahead of Saturday’s predicted “Judgment Day.”

Bill Tinker of Boyes Hot Springs turned over the cockatiel, parrot and cat to Sonoma County Animal Care and Control, after word spread about his plans to put down his pets.

“I plan to put my babies to sleep when the earthquake hits Denver,” said Tinker who thinks that a massive world-wide quake will signal the beginning of the end. “I don’t want them to suffer.”

The rapture was forecast by 89-year-old Oakland fundamentalist preacher Harold Camping and has been advertised in a series of public billboards.

Tinker expected the earthquake to hit around 5 p.m., and he was holding a yard sale Friday to spread the word.

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“On that day, there will be two billion plus people, in the world dead, because nobody’s going to bury them,” said Tinker. “If my animals are going to be killed by the flood, I mean by the earthquake or the earth wave that’s going to come around the world, why would to keep them alive and allow them to be hurt?”

As word spread about Tinker’s intentions, neighbors and outsiders tried to intervene.

“My question was, ‘would you be willing to let me release them on my property and let them be free, until it happens?’” said neighbor Heidi Rutherford. “I have a really nice barn and we have a home with kittens in it, right now. So they’d be nice and warm, and fed, until the end.”

Tinker told her to come back after 6 p.m. Saturday, the supposed start time of the end of the world.

Some doubt the sincerity of Tinker’s claims, but the staff at a nearby veterinary clinic said he came by twice on Thursday looking for drugs to put the animals down. He was denied.

“Based on some of the comments that Mr. Tinker made, I wanted to insure the safety of the pets,” said Amy Cooper, director of Sonoma County Animal Care and Control.

Cooper said they won’t charge Tinker for boarding his pets.

“I think we’ll let tomorrow pass,” Cooper said. “The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday and we’ll also be in contact with Mr. Tinker. And if on Sunday or Monday the staff can be in contact and we’ll make that happen.”

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  • Cake

    Thats BOYES HOT SPRINGS numbnuts.

  • Sick Of Idiots

    Mad men and their follies.

  • KA

    War after War after War. Humans inhumanity to other Humans thru WAR will
    get us millions of Centuries of more Suffering provided by God. God is not
    going to let the Human Race off that easy by killing us with a Rapture or any other punishment. We are the enemy and we create our own HELL.
    When Humanity finally creates Peace on Earth and we all begin to enjoy it, you can bet that is when God will take us to our reward or Heavenly Ass Kicking for taking so long to achieve it. A Toast to more Suffering as the Republicans
    lead us into more of it…take it away you Idiots.
    P.S. Leave the innocent animals alone you witless fool, you’ll go to Hell for killing them.

    • RealityCheck

      Honestly, you need to seek psychiatric help.

      • YetAnotherAtheist


      • Kwan

        Religion aside, KA actually has the right mentality.

    • MK

      OOOOOOHHHHHH! It’s those evil Republicans again. Seriously, seek help. You need it…..desperately.

    • LinneaQH

      Get help… You are INSANE.

  • Roger Craig

    this is stupid as it get and so cruel, no heaven for you …

  • Mom

    Hold on, the world is going to end on Saturday? That’s totally works for me. I normally don’t do laundry until Sunday night. This saves me a ton of time.

    BTW Bill, any animal you intentionally hurt in this life ends up owning you as a pet in the next.

    • LQH

      ha ha! :)

    • Shayla

      lmbo! xD

  • Jim Beam

    I will be watching the world end on Fox News. They have the best coverage. BTW I tried to put my Jack Russell down today and she just laughed at me then proceeded to run figure 8’s around the living room. She kept barking about some dumb ass in Oakland. Drink up kids. Life is short and Jack Russells just won’t die!!!!!

  • Julie

    Jesus was an amazing man. But his fan club is full of nuts.

    • nokomis

      good one and sadly true.

    • Missie

      You are one of them. How can a fairy tale be an amazing man?

      • EricT

        Superman is amazing.

  • Eric Domejean

    Jesus, Save me from your followers

  • Kodiax

    so… his pets are all sinners who wont be going with eh? baaaad pets no heaven for you

  • Ken

    He should put himself down first and let us worry about his pets. Enough of this clown anyway.

  • Pat

    Birds can fly, an earthquake won’t hurt them, and cats will find cover.

  • kc

    I would like to thank all of you for giving me a good laugh tonight!!

  • One*Eye*Open

    Maybe its better for him…… to kill himself first?

  • Liz W

    did this story have an editor? did the editor call in prematurely raptured?

    • JaneQPublic

      OMG! Liz – your comment made me burst out laughing! Kudos to you for that one and a hearty ‘thank you’ to all the other humorists on here this evening. You all would make Mark Twain proud!! :-)

      I was going to clean my apartment, but – just in case time IS up – I decided instead to do something worthwhile. So I spent this evening enjoying good fellowship and we are eating, drinking (yoghurt smoothies), and making merry.

      Cheers everyone!

  • joe holiday

    thank you for coming up to sonoma to cover this story – the xtra pressure helped to force animal control to finally take the animals out of there – they had refused to do so 3 times earlier this week – animal control had told me that its ok to kill your pets – your presence here helped them to finally bring the right officers to his house and take them out – of course 2 cats and a dog are missing..

    joe holiday – next door

    • Nikki

      “2 cats and a dog are missing” OMG. And Sonoma Animal Care and Control are planning on giving the remaining pets BACK to this animal abuser? Please, everyone, flood their phone lines and DEMAND that they DO NOT return the remaining pets back to this psychotic individual. Director Amy Cooper: (707) 565-5407

  • Angry Christian

    This fool Camping needs to be held fiscally responsible for all the simple people he scared. Maybe a multi-million dollar law suit will teach him that just because you have freedom of speech and freedom of religion doesn’t mean you can spread garbage like this around. For every one idiot who ends up on the news- how many are killing their animals in silence?

    • Bloodhounds

      Why would anyone listen to an 89 year old man? His last day is any day! I hope animal control seized all animals at this guys property. Take a good look around ,who knows what or who else is on the property. Glad the world isn’t ending until 6 pm I’ll be beached by the tv watching the Preakness! Have a good weekend everyone! Probably the only one that is praying for the end is arnie!

    • Anonymous

      Sue him! Camping is a false “prophet.” He tried the same angle about a decade ago. Guess what? No rapture then! No rapture now! Hold Camping responsible for his words!

    • Sean Laney

      “This fool Camping needs to be held fiscally responsible for all the simple people he scared.”

      Indeed. Let’s fine all Christian clergy for supporting these apocalyptic faerie tales.

  • weedman

    i just dont get why god allowed so many backwood ignorant people to be born into this world i think he did it so we would all have something to laugh at by the way last but not least hemp can save the world

  • M K

    Harlod Camping should be sued for spreading this cultic mayhem. He has “predicted” rthe apture before about 10 years ago. Now he’s up to the same old tricks. Sue him monday morning and give his money to a good cause! Enough with this nonsense already!

  • Roger Craig

    Thanks to all that intervened, that’s what makes us great as a country helping where we can….

  • hugo poppernuts

    the world will end eventually but not by prediction but by destiny.

  • Terilyn Grecu

    Jesus is probable shaking his head saying “And I died for these idots”

    • Kc

      LOL agreed!!! Poor guy

      • Monster

        LOL! Good one, and you are probably right :)

  • Terilyn

    To the comment on why God lets so many backward ignorant people to be born in this world, Well I think I can answer that becuase God wanted us sane people to have some sort of entertainment.

  • waiting 4 6

    Are they goingn to show this on Round Table Pizza’s widescreen?

  • StevennTorrey

    This whole rapture thing is non-sense and gives good comedic fodder. Unfortunately, the dark side is crazy people who buy into this fanatacism and do damage–imagine killing his pets to avoid the rapture. But how many people give money to this lunatic fringe so they can buy their way into heaven? Religion–a relationship to a transcendent Deity based on existential choices made in life–is too serious, too important to be high-jacked by this rapture non-sense.

    • Monster

      How many people give money? Well, his “church” is valued at 72 million.

  • Laurie Wolfskill

    please check on this guy May 22 to see if he killed his pets. i’m concerned for them.

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