BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A scheduled appearance by conservative commentator and writer Ann Coulter at the University of California later this month has been canceled because of concerns about safety and security at the event.

But Coulter tweeted on Wednesday that the speech would go on at another Berkeley venue.

“Yes, it was officially banned,” Coulter told the Hollywood Reporter. “But they can’t stop me. I’m an American. I have Constitutional rights.”

Word of the cancellation by UC Berkeley officials of the April 27th event comes just days after a violent encounter between far-right supporters and far-left protesters at a pro-Donald Trump rally in Berkeley in which multiple people were injured and arrested.

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In a letter to the Berkeley College Republicans, UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen Sutton said the university will work with the group to find an alternative time and date for the polemical Coulter to speak at Berkeley.

The letter said the UC Police Department determined that because of “currently active security threats,” it was not possible to assure the event could be held successfully of that the safety of Coulter, sponsors, and attendees could be adequately protected at any of the campus venues available.

Berkeley College Republicans spokesman Naweed Tahmas said he hopes the university will reconsider. “I don’t think Berkeley wants to be known as the campus that’s too afraid to take a stand and support freedom of speech,” said Tahmas.

“You can’t exercise your First Amendment rights if the police can’t provide the sort of security to allow the event to happen,” said UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof.

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In February, an appearance at Cal by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous was canceled after protesters rioted outside the scheduled event. Several people were injured during the disturbances.

Last week, an appearance by conservative writer David Horowitz was also canceled after university police told the campus Republican group that to insure adequate security, the event would have to be held in the middle of the day and outside the center of campus.

The group says such cancellations stifle free speech and made it increasingly difficult to bring conservative thinkers to the Cal campus. Berkeley College Republicans say they don’t feel safe at UC Berkeley. “I’ve had flyers around campus posted with my face on it calling me a fascist,” said Tahmas. “I’ve had my information posted online. I’ve been punched in the face. I’ve been spit on.”

It is unclear where Ann Coulter might speak if she does show up on the 27th as planned. Republican students say they are hoping to keep the event in Berkeley.

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  1. Lakewood ED says:

    And so, how well does this speak of the “university”, its students, the city and its laughable “police” force?

  2. And the Berkeley Clueless Brain Washed Storm Troopers win another round into maintaining the ignorance and hate.

  3. Ann wins yet another debate and does not even have to show up…nice! Leftists continue to show what really hides behind their masks.

  4. Berkley’s police force is a joke. They need to travel to Alabama to Auburn University to receive instruction on how to maintain law and order and protect citizens while they exercise their constitutional rights.

  5. Leftist democRats are poozzies, afraid of being challenged and defeated as on Nov. 8th.

  6. Let me get this right, this place advocates for free speach?

    1. Guido Jones says:

      Well, they believe that their own speech should free; not so much for others

  7. CAL leads the way in suppressing free speech. Go Bears!

  8. Edward Foley says:

    Who can take a UC degree seriously? Might someday be equivalent to an AA from Ferguson Community College.

  9. Berkeley is a no go zone for normal people.

  10. The Justice dept needs to investigate any university that denies anyone their constitutional rights…this is no different than when George Wallace ..Gov of Alabama was forced by the US Army to allow blacks into The University of Alabama…on constitutional grounds.

  11. David Alster says:

    Fascism alive and well at Berkeley.

  12. There’s nothing that can justify the refusal to hear various points of view on a college campus. Cal should be ashamed of trampling the free speech rights they used to embody.

  13. Perhaps if you arrested all the violent protesters in masks, there would not be any problems.

    Why are you allowed to run around, beating people, while wearing a mask in Ca?

    1. In some states, it is a criminal offense to appear in public with a mask on with the intent being to evade police. I don’t necessarily agree with such laws, but they date back to the Klan and the way they’d intimidate people behind a veil of anonymity. California Penal Code Section 185 PC specifically makes this a criminal offense. Arrest and cite them.

  14. The police should shoot everyone who appears at a protest wearing a mask. They’re criminals, shoot them.

  15. But Berkeley is a bastion of free-speech and opposing views, right? The left is losing on all fronts of the war. They continue to make words less meaningful by their exaggeration of their opponent. Hardly anyone I know does not care one bit being called racist, sexist, nazi or any of their other slanders. Once the jobs come back and the inner cities start cleaning up, we will take over a much larger portion of the black vote too. (I know I did not say African-American). Sick of all the PC BS!

  16. Berkeley is now the birthplace of American fascism.

    Stop fascism – VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS!!

    Si se puede!!!!

  17. “…..a violent encounter between far-right supporters and far-left protesters at a pro-Donald Trump rally in Berkeley….”

    Not quite. Actually it was “….another violent attack on peacefully and legally assembled, Constitution-loving Americans by cowardly, masked, Constitution-hating, far-left Fascists at a pro-President Trump rally in Berkeley….”

  18. James Pisano says:

    Nothing says free speech like UC Berkley.

  19. Larry Jones says:

    California. Again.

    Please secede. Please.

  20. Brad Kaplan says:

    They are quite simply letting anarchist mobs make the rules. What a disgrace. You’d think they would have some shame…but apparently not

  21. Is this the new fascist method of censorship, cancelling appearance of conservatives due to “security concerns”?

  22. Collect their tears and make more ointment for their sore bottoms. Winning every day!

  23. California began as a magical and beautiful place.
    Now it has mega sewers populated by Violent and Ignorant Leftists.
    Build a wall around those cess pits, and allow the Americans who still reside there to live in America instead of a Laboratory of Ignorance, Violence, and Oppression.

  24. Louie Blaze says:

    I would encourage them to look at Auburns Example. Richard Spencer was allowed to speak after a court order and the protests were peaceful with only 3 arrests. Students were allowed to directly question his beliefs. This is how a University should address all speech.

  25. I never comment on anything. I’m a Cal grad and this just makes me ASHAMED. Nuff said.

  26. The way the article is written is sad. “far right supporters” vs. “far-left protesters” (as though they had some morality or high ground). Coulter’s comments are only “controversial” if you are a berkeley-style anti-free thought fascist. Otherwise, she’s not very controversial…

  27. Wonderful!
    This is a great victory for free speech…

  28. Dwight Davis says:

    Left Wing Nazi’s running Berkley…..

  29. The feckless wimps and incompetent buffoons didn’t all leave the country with Obama.

    Berkley is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the country.

  30. So, let me see if I have this right. Berkeley was the center of the free speech movement in the 60s, advocating for the right to speak out on college campuses without retribution. This kind of speech was unpopular with some, but they fought for and won the right to use unpopular speech anyway. Now, students disagree with what others may want to say so they use threats and intimidation, similar to what their free speech predecessors endured, to silence them. The right to speak freely doesn’t immunize you from criticism, but nobody should reserve the right to use threats and intimidation to silence others. It is frequently the choice of tactic for those who cannot engage in civil debate to counter the arguments they oppose.

    Sadly, in this day and age, everyone gets “triggered” and requires a “safe place” when hearing that which with they disagree. They’ve been taught that they have no responsibility for their actions when their fragile egos have been bruised, so they use this as a first resort and then whine about how they felt threatened by someone else’s opinion.

    In doing this, they do not aid their own cause. In fact, they have given Coulter a de facto victory, much as they did with Milo Yiannopoulos before. It draws attention to their immaturity and inability to adapt to a world of diverse opinions.

    1. Yip Yap says:

      I went to UC in the mid 60’s. The students were outspoken and many were misguided. We were not anti-America…we loved free speech. We were smarter then. Much smarter.

  31. Yip Yap says:

    If UC really wanted to insure security, it could.

    • Expel any student that disrupts or prevents.
    • Prohibit protest on campus during the week…hey, they don’t allow free speech anyway.
    • UC and City of Berkeley…prohibit backpacks and the wearing of masks at protests.

    * Strip ANY place that receives US funds…title 9 is a two edged sword.

  32. Jim Morrison says:

    Winston Churchill once said that the Fascists of the future would call themselves anti-Fascists and these Berkeley Snowflakes fit the bill perfectly.

  33. This is ridiculous. Trump needs to send in the National Guard to keep the peace if Berkeley cannot, or refuses to do so. Make a national incident out of this, and embarrass this city until they make major procedural changes.

  34. Berkeley Free Speech Movement
    Born: October 1, 1964
    Died: February 1, 2017
    Interred: April 20, 2017

    Cause of Death: Systemic Paralysis brought on by Fear of being shown to be wrong via verbal dialog and debate.

  35. Jim Obryan says:

    Stop pretending there is a fight “between” conservatives and liberals, this is liberals attacking conservatives denying them the right to peacefully assemble.

  36. More oppression from Democrat party supposed progressive liberal. Which only proves they aren’t progressive at all, but entirely REGRESSIVE in their nature. Have been since the inception of the party.

  37. Don’t send your kid or one dime to any college. Military and work hard.

  38. The fascist pigs are back in the administration at Berkeley! Resist the pigs by tweeting @JerryBrownGov and @nickdirks [chancellor of UC Berkeley]. Demand both 1st Amendment Rights and Security. #Defeat_the_Pigs

  39. Jack Spencer says:

    Untrue. According to Miss Coulter herself, the speech is still on.

  40. #fakenews The sponsor is denying that the event is cancelled.

  41. Free speach that doesn’t conform to the alt-left agenda WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

  42. Did you notice the smirk on the face of the Leftist Dan Mogulof? He’s know the Left has just found the way to silence the Right. He’s getting over projecting false Law Enforcement concerns, and this is from a man who despises Law Enforcement and the Military.

  43. Perfect example of the hypocrisy of far-left “progressive” snowflakes here at Berkeley, the birthplace of the campus free-speech movement. Your speech is free only if they agree with you. Liberalism has been twisted and corrupted into fascism.