By Kiet Do

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX 5) — Google could be facing a new lawsuit.

Dozens of women have come forward accusing the tech-giant of gender discrimination.

When civil rights attorney James Finberg asked on social media if any female Google employees thought they were unfairly getting paid less than male coworkers, the phone started ringing.

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Finberg said, “In my experience, having 70 people call you when you put up a post about a company is a very large outpouring of dissatisfaction. So I think it’s telling and a matter of concern.”

Back in April, the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP), a division of the Department of Labor, testified in federal court about an ongoing investigation into Google’s pay practices.

In a report by The Guardian, the OFCCP said, “The department has received compelling evidence of very significant discrimination against women in the most common positions at Google headquarters…discrimination against women in google is quite extreme…”

Finberg said, “They complained to human resources and nothing was done about it.”

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Finberg, based in San Francisco, is now preparing to file a class-action lawsuit, after interviewing dozens of current and former google employees.

He says the women complained they were getting paid a quarter to a third less than men doing the same work.

Finberg said, “The culture at Google is hostile to women. Women tend to be channeled into what are perceived to be softer positions. User interface positions, design positions. Men get the code positions. Code positions are more highly paid and more highly valued at Google.”

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Google has fired back with two detailed blog posts, saying, “We were quite surprised when…the OFCCP accused us of not compensating women fairly.”

“We were taken aback by this assertion, which came without any supporting data or methodology…,” Google claims. “Our annual analysis shows no gender pay gap at Google.”

Google claims, “OFCCP has not taken sufficient steps to learn how our systems work and may not have accurately understood them.”

Finberg is still taking complaints and plans to file the suit in the coming weeks. The statute of limitations to go after back wages in California is four years. With tens of thousands of female employees, if Google loses this suit it could get very expensive for the company.

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  1. Jerry Frey says:

    Liberals are captivated by ideology. Conservatives are captured by ignorance.

    1. Eric C Spero says:

      Liberals are captivated by ideology and willfully blind to their own hypocrisy (and enabled in the latter by the main stream media, one of the two major parties, and the entertainment industry- all subscribers to liberalism and themselved hypocrites)

      1. bdnsc says:

        Oh how right you are!!!

    2. Tom Smith says:

      Given the very low ebb of liberal logic I could declare I am a woman and then reself-identify as a Google employee and get in on the lawsuit. Because when you live in a liberal wonderland, anything is possible, except when its not.

    3. Tom Smith says:

      Liberals are captivated by a moribund ideology that is misanthropic. From stem to stern, your scorched earth ideology is responsible for misery and compounded suffering wherever it is tried. Your over regulation reduces and kills freedom, your policies stifle the economy and make victims out all who hold to such nonsense, your rhetoric always attacks those who oppose and disagree with you, and liberal self-righteousness and smug sanctimony make you all look the Pharisees of old. Everywhere your liberal logic is tried it fails. I live in Africa, and Africa is the basket case it is because of socialistic thinking like yours. Think Venezuela if you want a great example of where your ideology leads. Think Nazi Germany, for the fascists where just nuanced socialists, and not right wing by any stretch of the imagination. Death, servitude and misery are your portion. And the left owns it lock, stock, and barrel. The Declaration of Independence heralds “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, all of which is the complete antithesis of your liberal fairyland.

    4. Steve Bourg says:

      We all have “ideaology”, and conservatives are no more ignorant than liberals. Conservatives actually believe much more in philosophical ‘liberalism’ than so-called Liberals do. Libs seems to love big powerful govt that takes 1/2 our paychecks and stunts the economy and our own wallets and economic futures. Libs don’t even understand how harmful most of their fiscal policies are. Conservatives on the whole, DO understand how harmful to us, in so many ways, an overly-powerful federal govt is. And our forefathers tried their damnest to make the Constitution clear enough to prevent federal largesse. But Libs like FDR, LBJ, JC, BHO just smashed their agenda into action. I’d say by definition, LIbs are ignorant of the destruction they’ve caused to our freedoms. Not to mention how govt interference has cost us ridiculous price increases onto costs for college and health-care, throwing huge amounts of money into those sectors.

    5. No, they are both captured by ideology, just different ideologies, and that on itself breeds ignorance.

  2. Leroy Colson says:

    This is hilarious. Google fires a man for telling the truth about discrimination. And is rewarded with multiple discrimination lawsuits. Because, of course, they just admitted to discrimination by firing that employee. The Left always eats its own.

  3. It’s okay. Google can do it because their virtue-signals are politically-korrect.

  4. So the question is really this – would a woman in a “coding” position be paid the same as a man in the “coding” position and visa versa – would a man in a “soft” position get paid the same as a woman in the same position. If so, then it’s not pay discrimination. Funneling isn’t forcing – when you hire on, you usually get on a career track and jumping tracks isn’t always easy. It sounds like they’re jerks but being a jerk isn’t illegal.

  5. It’s common knowledge that the “pay inequality” is mostly due to the timidity of the female employee in asking for higher wages and the fact that women take every single sick day, every vacation day, and every early time off. They have been shown to come in late and leave early and rarely (if ever) pick up extra work. These realities are not because women are lazy but because they always ALWAYS split their commitments either to their family or to themselves. Women simply don’t work as hard, as long, or as often as men in the same job positions so it’s no wonder they don’t get paid as much. Simply put, they aren’t as good of worker as men because an external job is never as important to them as their commitment to themselves or their families; which as a man I find ultimately commendable and regard with the greatest esteem. Call me old-fashioned.

  6. Now they need to go study Yahoo just a couple of miles away from Google. Yeah the hypocrisy of the liberal mind is alive and well there as well.

  7. Susan Vue says:

    It’s a lefty thing as both Obama & Hillary paid their female staffers 30% less than the men.

  8. Oh, how I love sound of liberals eating one-another’s young. Even better than napalm! Sue (excuse the sexist expression), babies, SUE!

  9. dupesalive58 says:

    Big difference between being paid for doing the exact same job vs. being in a job that pays less. It sounds like some of these people are doing different jobs.

  10. So why isn’t lying, cheating, crooked Hillary being sued for paying women on her staff less than she paid men? This is just “lets find something to sue about because we are women and see how much money we can get.”

  11. hypocrisy is a requirement to be a liberal

  12. dt60093 says:

    The top 10% of coders produce 90% of the usable code. The other 90% of coders are pretty much useless. IBM discovered this in the ’60s. A good book on the subject is “The Mythical Man Month”.

  13. Dusty Rhodes says:

    “gender discrimination” is why many of them have a job a Google. Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  14. Jon Doe says:

    Google is about to learn that you can appease these people. Anything you give them by trying to appease them will only embolden them to make more demands. They are not rational. They are radical leftist progressives. They will rationalize up anything they have to to make themselves out to victims of something. But of course Google will cave and move even further to the left. They are nothing if not predictable. By the way, ever heard of the EEOC? Every law you could imagine to make sure woman are paid the same as men for the same work already exist and has existed for decades. Do you really think uber far left progressive Google is not paying these women the same as men? If anything they are getting more.

  15. Privacy is every Americans right. Freedom of Privacy is every Americans right. Freedom of speech and freedom of the internet,. We must keep the internet free from the government. Stop the Government from spying on everybody. The more we use them the more powerful they become. So stop using the spying search engine google, us the unbiased no tracking search engine that owns its own search results try it have a nice dayspeech and freedom of the internet,. We must keep the internet free from the government. Stop the Government from spying on everybody. The more we use them the more powerful they become. So stop using the spying search engine google, us the unbiased no tracking search engine that owns its own search results try it have a nice day

  16. ah yes, California…are you sure these are really females…?

  17. Let gynocentric pandering google get sued for hundreds of millions for they’re raging hypocrisy. LOVE IT!

  18. Rich Bolles says:

    This what Socialism/Communism, Gender Equality and Diversity is ALL ABOUT. If you like what you see then you are MENTALLY ILL and a Major Hard Core Lefty.

  19. Haven`t we evolved beyond this whole gender thing ? Gender is fluid . Gender discimination cannot exist.

  20. In other words, that employee that Google just fired for daring to tell the truth about the differences in preferences with regard to gender norms just got vindicated.

  21. Bob Suyak says:

    Libs are hypocritical, we have known that for decades, nothing earth shattering.

  22. sevinkims says:

    Absolutely deserved and expected.