SPANISH FLAT, Napa County (CBS SF) — It was only a few days ago when families lived here, just off the western shore of Lake Hennessey. Children running up and down the street, riding their bicycles; and now, total destruction.

Spanish Flat Mobile Villa is gone. Once a tight-knit community, now utterly destroyed and disintegrated after the Hennessey Fire roared through, one of the LNU Lightning Complex fires. Home after home after home, burned to ash.

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Dan Davenport got his first look at the remains of his home Wednesday. “I could tell when I left here, it was not going to make it,” Davenport said. “The loss of everything. Pictures of my ex-wife I’ll never see again.”


In the middle of all the devastation, just one home survived. Katie Reed was still trying to understand what happened.

“I feel I should have gone down like everybody else. I feel like I shouldn’t have been here at all,” said a tearful Reed. “My house should be gone! My car didn’t burn. I don’t understand like, everything else is gone but not that. I don’t know. I feel terrible. I don’t know…”

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Reed has two children, is a single mom, and is grateful everyone escaped unhurt. She remembers running for her life.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life. I’ve been through some traumatic things in my life but I, I thought I was going to die,” said Reed. “The flames were up to my windows in my lifted truck, I have a six-inch lift on it and I thought my windows were going to break because it was so hot.”

Reed’s children are staying with friends while she collects their clothes, toys and essentials. She says the neighborhood used to be full of kids.

“We’d all just play right here every single day; we’d ride bikes up and down,” she said. “It’s pretty insane to look at it now, like, this was our happy place. It’s nothing now. It’s a wasteland.”

It’s unclear what happens next to Spanish Flat Mobile Villa.

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