MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) — In the early morning hours before she went on a shooting rampage at YouTube headquarters, Nasim Aghdam was awakened by Mountain View police as she slept in the front seat of her car in a Walmart parking lot.


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A body cam video of the exchange between Aghdam and the two officers who were on a routine patrol was released by the police on Friday.

The video begins with the officer knocking on the window, waking up Aghdam. who was shoeless and wearing a hoodie.

“Hi are you Nasim? You are reported as missing — as missing from San Diego,” the officer said.

She answers — “Yes, I’ve left my family… So I don’t live with them anymore.”

The officer asks why she left her family and Aghdam responds: “We don’t get along together, so I left them.”

When asked had she just decided to move — Aghdam said: “Yeah, right now I’m just trying to find work to … (unintelligible) .. I’m still trying to find a job.”

Aghdam continued to discuss her family situation as she tried to find her ID.

When asked how long she had been in Mountain View, Aghdam answered: “I came here two days ago.”

She added that she had not told anyone where she went.

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The officers later ask — “You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?”

She shakes her head no.

The officer asks so you want to hurt anyone else?

She again shakes her head no.

The officer asks if she wants to commit suicide.

Again she shook her head no.

The officers also examine Aghdam’s iphone before telling her she was going to call her father and let her go.

“She was essentially a citizen who was asleep in her car, which is not illegal,” Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel explained to KPIX 5.

The officer questioned her for 20 minutes, checked her identification and found she had no outstanding warrants. Aghdam stayed inside the car the whole time. The police chief said there was no probable cause to search the car.

Later that day, she went to a gun range before walking through a parking garage into a courtyard at YouTube’s campus south of San Francisco, where she opened fire with a handgun and wounded three people. She then killed herself.

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